Artwork Specifications
This page has been designed specifically to help you upload design/artwork to us in the relevant formats. This will ensure that we can get them back to you in the quickest time possible without you having to worry about the technical stuff. Please use the buttons on the left for more information on each section.

All text that is supplied must be spell checked and signed off to ensure there are no major changes once the artwork is developed.

It also helps if the text is supplied as live text (in a word document or an e-mail) which can be copied and pasted. This means we won’t have to re-type content and ensures that all copy is reproduced in its original form.

Our in-house copywriter can also produce content as per your specification, if required. For a nominal charge, the content will be developed and edited to blend in perfectly with your design.

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Images / Graphics:
Where possible, all images supplied for print needs to be in a high resolution (300dpi). Images under 200dpi will not print as clearly as you would like.

Size does matter!

In addition to the resolution, the image supplied should be no smaller than the intended print size. An image or graphic the size of a Post-it note cannot be stretched to the size of an A4 document without it losing sharpness.

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The ideal format for uploading logos in is vector (.eps) Logos in this format can be scaled to any size and still maintain crisp lines at print stage unlike photographers created from pixels which distort when scaled up or down.

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Artwork for print is printed either in one of two formats or a combination of the two:

1) CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) – commonly known as
Four Colour Printing

2) Pantone / Spot / Special colours - this is an international colour matching system that uses special mixes of colour to achieve a vibrant colour finish. Spot colours are best used in 1-3 colour jobs like stationary where there is usually no need for 4 colour printing. The Pantone range also includes Metallic inks to give your artwork that something extra.

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Matte and gloss lamination are the two main types of finish available after your material is printed. You can also add an extra coating.

And just to make sure you’re spoilt for choice there are further options- Foil blocking, UV varnish, debossing and embossing.
Don’t worry, we’ll show you samples of all these so you know exactly what your print will look like.

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File Formats:
Files can be supplied to us for design/artwork/print/web in various formats but the following formats would be the preferred ones.

Images: jpeg, tiff, eps, psd. Pdf (The higher the resolution the better, but at least 300dpi)

Spell checked and supplied in MS Word or typed in the main body of an email.

Vector format (.eps) as line-art if available or any of the image formats listed above.

If you’re not sure what format your files are in, give us a call and we’ll help you sort them out!

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Files for Artwork:
If you are going to be requesting files from other designers /studios to be sent to Deeper Waters, it may be worth checking that they are in one of the following Mac design packages:

Quark Xpress - version 6 or below
Adobe InDesign - version cs3 or below
Adobe Illustrator - version cs3 or below
Adobe Photoshop - layered if possible
Adobe PDF - Hires / Pass4Press PDF (can only be printed from
and not edited)

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Some applications like Quark and Indesign let you collect all links files to a single destination on your machine which can then be easily sent across to us.

If these applications are not available- no problem! Fonts can be zipped into a folder and e-mailed, uploaded to ftp or supplied on a CD or DVD. Job done.

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File Collection / Distribution:
If you do choose to send us Quark or In-design documents that contain both text and images, please provide us with all the attachments that make up the document.

For example an In-design document that’s supplied with no fonts or pictures wouldn’t be much use to us, or you for that matter.

Providing us with everything that we will need ensures that when we get back to you, it’s with a sample of your print job rather than a request for the remaining files!

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